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Braulio Estima is a son of Brazil. He is a great patron of martial arts and he has practiced the craft for years and years. He has tremendous dedication towards his vocation and this dedication has fetched him many rewards.

Braulio Estima is a world famous figure. His rewards include many world titles in the world of Jitsu. People in the world of jitsu have a lot of respect for Braulio Estima.

About Braulio Estima academy:

Braulio Estima has an academy in the UK. It is situated in the place Birmingham. He himself teaches students here. His students comprise of adults as well as children. There are many classes held per week.

About Braulio Estima DVD:

Braulio Estima has DVD s which features him practicing his ground fighting techniques. These techniques are used by him in the matches that he fights. So if you admire his fighting you can get hold of the DVD s and can learn several techniques that this great fighter uses. People from all over the world admire the way he fights his matches and want to learn the techniques themselves. For them it is not possible to attend his classes and learn from him. The DVD s are of great help to these people.

Braulio Estima DVD set features almost all his ground fighting techniques.

Take a closer look at Braulio Estima DVDs:

This is a review of a set of Braulio Estima DVD. This DVD is divided into 6 parts like:

  • Closed guard 1
  • Closed guard 2
  • Open Guard 1
  • Open guard 2
  • Open guard 3
  • Guard passing

Close guard 1 features 3 three step choke sequence and a 3 step lapel sequence, and along with it a triangle submission and an arm bar submission. He used these techniques of fighting in his victory at Mundials in the year 2004. If you inspect this move, you will find that it is a great move which shows the fighters skill and the flexibility of his body. There is a 2nd section which follows the first. In this 2nd section, he demonstrates a number of sweeps and an omoplata submission and advices how you can prevent posture and stop the enemy from getting up on his feet and attack. In the open guard sequence, the DVD shows the fighter recovering guard from the opponent’s guard pass and his innovative move – the helicopter sweep.

In the following sequence, he gets into the hook guard and also the details of the helicopter sweep. Then there comes the sit up guard reviews, spider guard sweeps and also strategies from the closed guard.

The set of DVD s that are being looked at covers the ground games of Braulio Estima. These techniques have been applied in the world title matches that he has fought. The techniques have been laid out in such details that learning from the DVD will not be difficult to you. get hold of them if you really want to learn how this man fights.

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