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Those lawyers who dedicate their careers to helping small business owners find many rewarding aspects that make this legal specialty worth their time. Small business owners tend to approach this aspect of their companies with uncertainty, frustration and avoidance.  The primary reason is because it’s foreign territory. Having an attorney on retainer to handle those aspects of running a business can often mean the difference between success and failure. And business attorneys take a special kind of pride in knowing they’ve played a role in saving a small business that definitely has its place in the community and beyond. A. Harrison Barnes, lawyer and founder says another reason some lawyers prefer this line of work is that it allows them to indulge in their sense of structure and desire for perfection – both of which are necessary to effectively represent a client who wants to succeed with his own brand.

From the small contracts with vendors to developing a foolproof method of documenting petty cash purchases, business and tax lawyers have one goal: protect their clients from legal repercussions from those verbal contracts and poorly constructed agreements. A. Harrison Barnes says your specialty is whatever your business is in, whether it’s selling apples and bananas to housecleaning services to selling automobiles, you want to focus on those areas that you feel most passionate about while leaving the legalese to the educated and experienced attorneys.

Another way a business attorney can help you protect your investment is by advising you on and compiling employment contracts. Employee manuals are another level of security that allows you to spell out clearly and succinctly the expectations of those whom you hire. Failing to put into place what’s required to remain employed with your company could be leaving you open for lawsuits by disgruntled former employees who are out to “make you pay”. You want to be sure to address your zero tolerance policy on sexual harassment, drug use and anything else that you consider a “deal breaker”. Legal representation can make that happen while not leaving you vulnerable, says the founder.

So how do you find the right lawyer? Ask around your community and discover which attorneys are thought of in positive light. This often yields your best choice quickly and easily. Also, consider contacting your state’s bar association for referrals. This is another superb source for making a solid legal decision. Remember, the attorney who successfully negotiated a deal for your neighbor when he hurled a cup of beer at the umpire during last summer’s baseball season might not be the best choice for helping you establish and grow your business.

You’ve worked hard to build your business. Allow an attorney who’s worked just as hard in his legal career to help you help yourself. Most business owners, and certainly small business owners, have dreams of one day passing the family business down to their children. You want to be sure there’s something to be passed down.

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