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Resistance has an inherent power that can have a unique effect on an individual’s career and on his life, says A. Harrison Barnes, the Job Search Guru. Day in and day out, we face a number of challenges and come across a number of difficult choices in various spheres of our lives like our family life, the business arena and our personal life. Amongst all these, one of the most challenging things to accomplish is to resist drives and pursuits of immediate enjoyment and pleasure that we need in our daily lives.

But then often we find out that the more we try to resist something, the drive to achieve it becomes more intense. It is all the same when we try to resist the immediate drives of gratification. A. Harrison Barnes mentions that the more we are successful in resisting these allurements, higher are the chances for us to have a flourishing, happy and long term career characterized by fulfillment with an experience of satisfaction.

A. Harrison Barnes points out that the power of resistance is an element, an immensely powerful element that has the inherent potential to completely transform one’s life. But then the problem lies in the fact that there are actually very few people who completely recognize the power of resistance and realize the various innovative ways it can bring about major differences in their lives and in the lives of so many around them. In fact, A. Harrison Barnes terms “resistance”, as the “sign of leadership” and as a “sign of strength”. He says that leadership is all about not doing a lot of things that most of the others often tend to do out of common drive.

Here’s a list of some of the few things that the expert A. Harrison Barnes would suggest us to do in order to sharpen our capabilities of practicing resistance so that we can embark upon better jobs and better careers.

Never talk in a negative manner about others- One of the hardest forms of resistance that one can practice is to resist the habit of talking disapprovingly about others. While speaking with individuals, one of the most common topics of discussion is to exchange negative views and opinions about a third person. People tend to do this as speaking negatively about others makes one feel superior for a short span of time. But then this can have a number of adverse effects on your career, as talking disapprovingly about other people can not only result in us losing a job, but it can also cost you your friends. However, if you try to resist this ill feeling, you will surely be a lot better off in the long run as it will help you be stable and will give you a feeling of confidence of your own persona.

Never ask for credit for doing things or simply performing- Resist your need to take credit for things as this may create a wrong impression of you as being the one who always wants to be in the centre of attention in all settings and situations. When you start grabbing the credit for yourself, what you actually do in the process is make others feel less important for their contributions and this will slowly and steadily force them to resent you.

A. Harrison Barnes says that it is totally necessary to resist all your negative beliefs about your own capabilities and what all you can accomplish. Also resist the urge to talk about your own self. Resist being ego-centric and creating altruistic feelings within yourself.

One of the most important feelings that you need to resist are the feelings of laziness, and lethargy. Often people tend to start things and do not finish the task for days at a stretch. This is something which is negative. When you start doing something, you should put in everything within your control and power to achieve the goal, more so when you think of aborting something midway.

Resist the feeling of regret. All of us must have done quite a number of things from time to time which leaves us with a sense of guilt and regret. We may regret to have said something, done something or chosen something. But it is rather necessary to resist this particular feeling. The feeling of guilt has the negative power of eating away on one’s personality and the inner self if it continues to be a part of his or her life for a continued period of time.

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