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A dental implant is the most common dental job in USA. It is the process where an artificial tooth root is used for the purpose of supporting restorations. Dental implant is a metal post with an unreal tooth on top. It is integrated in the jawbone to match with the bone over a period of time. There are many people who opt for implants these days. Not only if there is a problem with their teeth but also because such dental jobs can change your face to look better as have teeth given the face a structure.

Advantages of dental implantation
Dental career is one which can make you a rich person. People are very conscience about their dental hygiene and how their teeth look. This is why dental implants are so famous. They help to give a youthful appearance to you by taking years off from your face. They are a booster dose for anyone’s self-confidence and change the way someone feels about their appearance. Another advantage of these dental jobs is that one can enjoy any type of food which they were not able to earlier due to bad teeth or cavities. Implants not only protect other teeth but also protect the gums from getting hurt and stimulate bone growth. Dental assistant job is also very important in its place as when the dentist is going through with important surgeries it is the assistant’s job to guide and assist the doctor in the entire process. Dental implants are preferred to bridges or crowns and they are very easy to take care of.

Limitations of dental implants
There is a major risk of a dental implant to fail. This failure can occur within a year and then continue at one percent per rate annually. Such failures are common in the back upper jaw and then front upper jaw and back lower jaw. But the success rate is between 90-95%. Another limitation is that this dental job is very costly and cannot be afforded by common man. A complete set of implanted teeth can cost around $30,000. If maintained properly a nicely done implant can last for lifetime. But one thing is sure that it will be a while when a common man will easily be able to avail this medical facility with ease on his pocket.

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