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Why do some people take their careers more seriously than others? Why do some of us place a bigger emphasis on ethics and doing the right thing in the workplace? And most importantly, are there fewer of us who are maintaining those high ethical habits, whether it’s a sense of defeat by those who really don’t care or a simple exhaustion because of the past few years spent in an economic recession? These are important questions and ones we asked A. Harrison Barnes, career coach and founder of, a career site dedicated to aggregating all of the most recent jobs found anywhere in the U.S. His insight tells the tale.

Much research has been made into how employees and employers interact at different times throughout one’s career. What initially begins as a common respect for one another and the tasks at hand, there often exists a parting of ways months or years later. “It’s important to keep in mind we’re talking about humans – capable of fear, worry, anxiety, happiness and stress”, says the founder. Our work related values will wax and wane over the years; that said, it’s those foundational ethics that really define the sum of our careers. New employees come into a new working environment with a sense of pride and commitment to do good things as a member of their new team. They’re ambitious, hopeful and energized by what lies ahead.

Perhaps it’s less about work ethics these new employees are exuding, but instead, is about the sense of good things that await them. “New employee or seasoned salesman who’s nearing retirement age: ethics are ethics and they simply don’t waver to any great degree throughout our careers and our lives in general”, says A. Harrison Barnes. It’s important to not confuse someone’s core ethics with their approach to their employer. It’s a big difference. The ethics will remain in place, regardless of who the employee reports to. It’s those outside influences that determine how enthusiastic a new employee is – and how long he maintains that enthusiasm.

“Many of the employers on the website know this and as a result, they know when a potential employee comes before them for an interview that their ethics or lack of them will shine through. This is one reason why a “connection” is important during an interview. Companies want to know their candidates are personable and have the ability to make eye contact, to converse and keep a great outlook during meetings with clients.

Bottom line is companies will choose those employees who have the experience, education and positive commitment to the job they’re being considered for. Their ethics, though not one hundred percent of the time, will shine through usually during the interview phase. Anything an employer can’t glean from the face to face meeting will most often be discovered as the resume is reviewed and references are contacted. If ever there was a reason to not burn those bridges or opt to do the wrong thing because it was easier, this is it.

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