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Utilizing time tracking software in a graphic design job is a good way to save time and to efficiently create bills for clients and employees. It also simplifies one’s tasks especially when studying workflows.

DesignSoft is one of the most popular choices. It consists of many time tracking tools that one can choose from which are compatible with PC and Mac. It offers StopWatch Plus and TimeSheet for basic time keeping needs. It is best for stand-alone tasks such as recording employees, fees, descriptions, and job numbers. It also has TimeSheet Manager which extracts data from TimeSheet for integration. This shortens the task of analyzing track times for a certain number of individuals. It has a lot of other features which focus not just on time tracking but also on computerized billing and task management.

Billings is an option developed by MarketCircle. It is very effective for creating estimates, computerized billing and time tracking according to categories. However, this application only works on Mac. It utilizes client information from Apple’s Address Book which it uses to build a list. Then, one can start creating projects and individual assignments for the specific clients. This unique application automatically computes fees from the entered hourly rates, generates reports and even generates invoices from drafted or customized templates included in the software.

iBiz 3, another time tracking program for Mac users, works with different tools such as iCal, Address Book, and Spotlight to extract data needed in recording and billing. It also has a document monitoring function that can be used flexibly in most types of documents for scanning and entering of time during which when the document was used. Invoices and estimates are available for personalization, printing or emailing directly to clients or vendors. It also has some upgrade options for more useful features.

HourGuard also is a favorite time tracking program for Windows users because it is very user-friendly and is available for free. It can also create invoices and reports for one’s clients. It starts by recording the amount of time used which is readily converted into an entry on the timesheets. It automatically integrates the data used and produces a summary of the information for easy review.

Studiometry 5 is not just an ordinary time tracking tool but is a complete tool for management. Designed for both Mac and PC, it allows one to record time even with customized rates. The invoice and reports are automatically created. And since it’s made for project management, the time tracking and billing features can be integrated with other business data and presentations like projects, receivables, payables, design job and accounting.

Basecamp is also a total tool for project management. Just like Studiometry 5, it ties one’s time tracking and billing data with other business data. It is also online-based so data can be accessed from any computer.

All these applications are available at reasonable prices and can be used over a network. In relation to this, it is important to evaluate one’s time recording needs in order to effectively decide which among these options are most helpful to his design job.

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