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Hotel industry and hospitality are two sides of the same coin and hotel careers get affected by the slightest changes in trends of hotel business. The changing concepts of hospitality industry stir a stiff competition. Environment friendly services are preferred by travellers and they demand for green and eco friendly lodgings. Recent online surveys revealed that around 70% of tourists pay extra to book environmental friendly lodgings. It was further found that such travellers pay 9-10% premium on the advertised prices. Intercontinental hotel careers are flourishing by encashing on this concept alone.

Workers in the industry and a career path for them
Hotel jobs in hospitality industry are available in abundance in the form of part time workers. But these workers, on gaining relevant experience, leave the job for better options in other restaurants and hotels. Another reason for low retentions is low wages prevailing in the hotel industry. The leaders of the industry are constantly deriving new ways of attracting and retaining qualified workers for hotel careers by offering higher pay and reducing the working hours. Other additional benefits are being offered to the staff by sponsoring education and offering an exiting career path.

The new age traveller is demanding
Due to increased use of internet, travellers are becoming more aware of what is on offer around the world and they demand accordingly. Increase in a trend, reviewing properties online makes travellers aware that their opinion counts and this is what the hoteliers fear; a negative comment. This leads to competitive services and rates. If this continues, the hotels may be forced to remove free amenities like shampoos, jams and fruits. To avoid this small businesses open a boutique establishment. This is advertised as a home away from home. These are kind of modern hostels. Among all the changes, one thing is guaranteed and that is constant remodelling of hotel industry makes it functional and practical for the guests and the hotel owners. Hotel careers will be evergreen even if hoteliers deploy pre-fabricated and cost effective solution in constructing new hotels. The stand-alone hotel concept will vanish in future as mixed use properties providing guests with Church, Hospitals and Theme Parks will come up. This will ensure a longer stay to generate revenue for hotel complex as a whole.

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