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What is meant by ‘communicate well’? It straight away means effective communication skills that need to be acquired when you’re in an office and working. The language should be as professional as it can get as well as clear and not ambiguous. How you communicate in your office also defines your character and makes way for you to rise on the promotion ladder.

Here are the top ways to communicate well in an office:

  • Be Clear: One of the top pre-requisites of communicating well is to communicate clearly. Many a times, the proper message is not conveyed due to some limitations in your conveying methods. You must sound important but not so much that you sound completely out of context. Do not make mistakes in communication especially when you’re in a professional work-sphere. The secret success formula of communicating well is how lucidly you convey your message without any ambiguity!
  • Know Your Audience: Knowing your audience will help you to communicate in a better manner. For example, a pure technical person will understand the language of technology only rather than expansive management talk. In case you do not properly know your listeners, communication will become a hindrance. Do not let the hindrance bottleneck your communication skills. Becoming an effective communicator should be your main target.
  • Notes and Documents: Keeping proper documentation in place will help you refer to them in order and thus communicate those things only that you want to. This keeps out any chance of ambiguity since you know what and how much to speak. Notes and documents also serve as a reminder for you – you’ll know your priority better and segregate the work accordingly.
  • Language: Whatever language you use to communicate at office; one thing that you must be sure of is – it should be strictly formal and official. Remember, there is absolutely no chance for any loose talks. Therefore think before you speak out. Pronunciation is also important keeping the language usage in mind.
  • Motivator: A good communicator is a great motivator. To keep your people interested, you must motivate them. Motivating those means to work with them and show a picture of inclusive growth and reward sharing. Always maintain a pleasant smile on your face while communicating – keep your audience mesmerized and impressed by the sheer weight of your talks!
  • Leader and Mentor: Leaders are not born but made. Your communication skills make you a leader. More often than not, people have a desire to be leaders but they do not exhibit the leadership skills of which the most important is effective communication ability. Your colleagues will always look forward to your help on everything that they are stuck with. People need a mentor and what better than that mentor is you and guide all with the power of speech?
  • Use Technology: Technology has come to the aid of communication. More interestingly, the technology and innovation today hovers around communication itself! There has been an honest attempt to improve communication between individuals and groups. Use such tools as frequently as possible. Office communication is not Greek!

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