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Dealing with Rejection on the Job Search

It would be an understatement to say that rejection goes hand in hand with a job search. If it was easy to get hired for a job then there really would not be much searching occurring, would there? In all seriousness, it is necessary to understand that a certain amount of time will be required in order to land a job offer. In the interim, it is likely that a job seeker will face quite a bit of rejection along the way. Is this really a big deal? Well, it will be as big of a deal as you make it. Really, no one should make a huge deal out of being rejected for a job because such an attitude will only make it more complicated. This is why it is important to come to certain realizations about rejection and searching for a job.

First and foremost, a job seeker needs to come to the realization that no rejections are personnel. When you come across an ad in the newspaper and send in a resume, you are one of potentially hundreds of applicants. This means you resume will be drowned out in a sea of other resumes. This reduces the odds of being called in for an interview. So, there really was no personal rejection of you as much as the fact that the public listing of the job makes it difficult to stand out from the proverbial crowd of job seekers.

When you do get called in for an interview, it is helpful to realize that others will also be called in for an interview. Their background and experience will vary and this means they may be more suited for the position than you. As such, it makes sense that they would be selected for the position. Ultimately, it would make much better business sense for the company to hire someone more akin to their needs. This is not a personal decision; it is a business decision. Understanding this will lesson the impact one may feel when turned down for a particular career.

Does this mean that a job seeker should be flippant or unconcerned about being turned down repeatedly for a job? Absolutely not! Sometimes, there are serious structural flaws present in the job seeker’s approach towards getting the job. If this is the case, it becomes important for the job seeker to take the steps needed for improvement. This way, the odds of being rejected in the future diminish and the prospect of being hired in a new career will increase.

Another proper means of dealing with rejection on the job hunt is not to be in a rush to land the specific job you wish to acquire. Depending upon your personal professional background and the current economic climate you may find yourself, lengthier time commitments will be needed to land a job. Often, the depression people face in the aftermath of being rejected for a job derives from simply not having a clear idea as to the climate one is facing. In other words, the depression is self-imposed. Be more realistic about your search for employment and jobs and rejection will lose its sting.

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