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Job Search for the First-Time Job Seeker

For a first-time job seeker the job market can be a great deal tougher to enter into. The economy doesn’t allow for employers to make costly mistakes when it comes to hiring employees and they want to abide by seeking out the best candidates for the job. In other words, they want experienced individuals working for their companies and businesses. You may wonder where that leaves you, the first time job seeker. The answer isn’t jobless. Learning to market yourself well is crucial to obtain a job without an employment history.

Exploiting Your Experience
As a newbie to the job search scene, you may feel unqualified for even the simplest jobs. Whether you have received a formal degree or not, you have undoubtedly acquired skills naturally that are transferable and had experiences that you handled in a way that could benefit a job related situation that is similar. Sit down, think hard, and write out your personality traits, skills, and experience you have gained that companies and their customers could value. If you’ve ran a club in high school, you may be a born leader. If you’ve volunteered with small children or the elderly, you must possess great interpersonal skills. If you’ve been a part of a committee, you understand the importance of working together as a team. These are valuable assets in a potential employee.

Rally up Your References
You may not realize it, but you have references. People who you’ve worked for or with in a sense and who can vouch for you as a good company candidate. If you mowed your neighbor’s lawn or babysat their kids for any period of time, it’s safe to say that they know a good deal about your ability to be punctual, trustworthiness and personality at least. Former professors make great references as well. Employers find more comfort in what others have to say about you.

Jumping into Your Job Search
Prepare yourself for the world of job hunting by arming yourself with the same job catching essentials as other job seekers, old and new – a rsum and a cover letter. Take the experiences and skills you identified within you and put them on paper. You may not see a rsum as a possibility with your lack of a work history, but it is a key to setting yourself apart from the inexperienced first time job seeker and putting yourself up in the ranks of those who’ve done their fair share of job seeking. Creating a functional rsum will allow you to showcase your transferable skills, relatable experiences and any educational background you may have.

You can format it using bulleted lists, your contact information and career objective. Your cover letter will give you a chance to elaborate on who you are and what you have to offer the company to which you are applying. Be honest about your lack of professional experience, but do not dwell on it. Instead, emphasize your life experiences and transferable skills that could help you successfully fill a position. Be sure to express your willingness and ability to learn and sincere interest in the particular company.

If you have faith in your ability to perform in a position you will find an employer who is willing to take a leap of faith and hire you.

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