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The definition of a ‘good’ person varies person to person. But when it comes to good people skills and characteristics, a unanimous nod is given to the following personality skills:

  • Humor
  • Politeness
  • Cheerful Nature
  • Gratitude
  • Optimist
  • Positive Attitude
  • Friendly Nature
  • Open to All

A personality with these skills is highly regarded in social as well as in all other walks of life. No wonder, these people are quite successful! It is the way; they define their success rather than success defining them. It is their pleasant persona that charms all including women! Gaining good people skills is not something that can be bought or acquired overnight but they are learnt and gained from experience more than anything else.

There are no top ten ways to learn people skills, but a combination of them serves the best. There are different ways of learning these good people skills. The best ways are given below:

  • Keep Your Eyes and Ears Open: As already mentioned, a person with a pleasant persona is open to all and is open to discussions and positive criticisms. You can also be one of them by keeping your senses alive, up and running. Most of us keep our senses only in ‘working’ condition. Whereas the people we are talking about here keep their senses well oiled and running. They are sharp observationists – one characteristic that separates them from the others!
  • Read More: Contrary to what others might think, good people read more and read in depth. They try to acquire knowledge and then implement the learnt knowledge. The action is so spontaneous that it hardly feels as if they have learnt. Actually the fact is that, they themselves do not know that their subconscious mind has received new inputs from their good habit of reading. Read books that influence you. Watch good movies and take a critical view of what you see and feel. Gradually you will find the ‘good’ persona coming out and pleasing all!
  • Speak Less, Listen More: The greatest achievers are the best listeners- they talk less and listen more. There is a subtle difference between hearing and listening; hearing refers to the process of only letting the audio signals reach your ears but listening means that you learn from what you hear. You’ll be then in a position to analyze rationally. Being social is different from keeping to yourself. A social person might not be as talkative as you might take them to be!
  • Observation: Become a keen observer. Again, you’re making full use of your sense of sight. You’re merely not watching but processing and analyzing what you see. Coupled with the audio-visual perception – you can be sure at mastering good people skills; in fact great people skills! Observing the people closely whom you admire also gives you a chance to learn from them. Keep an open mind like that of a student – always eager to learn!
  • Self Introspection: When you start imbibing new things and characteristics in your persona, you also need to have a little bit of self introspection. Self introspection will give you the chance to become the good person that you always desired to become!

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