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Dream jobs in an economic slow down? Yes, A. Harrison Barnes CEO of a large career company believes this is possible. So how do attorneys get that dream job in the legal industry? We talk about the possibilities in the following suggestions for getting your dream job.

1. The legal industry – know the good side of the industry and the bad side. Currently changes are resulting in US law firms from the sluggish economy. This means many jobs for attorneys are disappearing from the general job markets that most job seekers are accessing. Layoffs have been reported as the big firms cut back on associate lawyers and new law school graduates to whom they once offered entry level positions. Law firms have tried to keep up with the slow down by finding positions for new law grads doing legal work for a year or so with their pro bono clients hoping to see an upswing in the economy. Other law firms have offered new law school graduates a decrease in pay during their months in waiting because start dates have been deferred. Some law firms are not hiring the inexperienced law graduates, but are looking for experienced attorneys who can come on board and contribute to the profit of the firm right away. Know the good and bad sides of it all and focus your search for the dream job on the good side.

2. Career prospects – where can they be found in today’s market?
The good news beyond the realities is that some areas of the legal industry continue to do well and if those legal specialty areas are identified for job seekers then the career prospects can be more readily identified. Debt Settlement has produced new Debt Management agencies that are usually headed by attorneys to oversee the proper course of action are taken to reduce client’s debt. Bankruptcy attorneys are doing well especially because more than 50% of bankruptcies are surfacing from overwhelming medical expenses. Other survivors are patent attorneys, intellectual property attorneys and litigators.

If you need help with locating your prospects, A. Harrison Barnes, CEO of a large career company, suggests using a convenient law research online company that can offer you the best career prospects in the local market, the U.S. and the world. LegalAuthority has a database of over 750,000 employers who are the best career prospects a job seeker can locate. The large legal job research company puts all it’s time and effort into researching job prospects day and night, 7 days a week. The simple life time fee for the career prospects they can guide you to is worth every penny.

3. Job responsibilities can result in the perfect job come true or a Nightmare.
The responsibilities involved in any legal position can make it the dream job or the nightmare on Elm Street. Know what you are looking for when searching the job market and compare your list of acceptable job responsibilities with the ones for which you are applying. Does the position offer you the opportunity for growth you are hoping to find in the long run? Will you be expected to travel or take on cases that are not best suited to your experience as an attorney? How will your dream job responsibilities look?

The CEO of the largest legal career company online, A Harrison Barnes, adds a suggestion for finding your dream job.

4. How to get the job once you are trained or educated – the legal resume.
Once you have completed your law degree or your specialty training in an area of law, you can find a good resume writing firm to help you create a resume that will put you in front of all the rest. A good resume can make the difference. A. Harrison Barnes says

-Your resume must be written to cater to legal employers
-Your resume tells who you are and about your life work. It must be presented with perfection.
-Your resume should be unique and not a cookie cutter reproduction. When tailored to you it will describe your education, experience and just as important, your interests.

A. Harrison Barnes’s company, Legal Authority, offers a team of legal job researchers that work day and night, every day to locate dream jobs and help you get your incredibly written resume to just the right person. A job search is an intensive experience for most, so why not let a professional speed you through the process so you can become a working attorney once again with a dream position.

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