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Thousands of law job seekers look for jobs in the traditional way. This includes scanning hundreds of legal job portals, government job websites, and classified sections of the newspapers, association websites, employer’s websites and many other different places.

People generally try these conventional ways, but they end up going nowhere, for these legal job portals do not have all the jobs that exist in the job market. Even the quality jobs are not displayed on them. These legal job boards may be very good in their respective field but they still are not efficient enough to provide 100% employment to all their clients. These job boards patiently wait for the law firms to approach them and then they post the job openings on their website, for which these employment boards charge money from the employers. This system does not allow all the legal employers to post jobs at these websites; rather they prefer posting them on their own website’s page.

Many of these job portals even do not have recruiters to provide enough advice and service to the legal job hunters. Even if they have, the recruiters are not competent at their jobs or lack industry knowledge. They lack information on the latest news and happenings in the law job market. This inefficiency in their job makes them unsuccessful in helping their clients find the right match or the attorney job seekers who are looking for the perfect employer.

A. Harrison Barnes has created the to help people who are unable to get the kind of job they are looking for. This website takes care of every small detail that is related to the employment of the client. Legal Authority has the largest database of legal hiring contacts of any legal firm in the world. They have a team of more than 40 seasoned and experienced attorneys and researchers who work towards providing assistance to their every client. The operations are on 24 hours a day. The team at Legal Authority regularly updates its database that contains 750,000 hiring contacts. They will ensure that you get the right attorney job that will act as a boost to your legal career.

But A. Harrison Barnes says that Legal Authority is not for everyone. Not everyone can use it to get the perfect law job for their law career. Here at Legal Authority “You get what you pay for”. And this is the reason not most people are interested in using the services that Legal Authority provides.

According to A. Harrison Barnes, due to this reason there are very few people using Few people mean few applications to the law jobs that are available with them and thus it increases the chance of securing the job for the applicant. The applicants even have a greater number of options to choose from. This is because Legal Authority is not like other legal job portals that wait for the employers to come up to them and post the job openings. In fact they approach various organizations where job opening are available. They look for the same at the employer’s website, government websites, association websites and every place where they can reach. Their search is not limited within the United States but reaches across the world.

A. Harrison Barnes’s Legal assigns a personal attorney to every client and they will further guide you with your search, resume, applications, paperwork and cover letters. The researchers will make sure that the legal employers you are looking forward to apply have current attorney job openings.

The attorney will personally help you create the best resume that catches the eye of an employer. They will review the cover letter for you. The recruiters will not only review it but also print it and envelope it for you. They take care of the minutest detail. Once the process of selections and application is over, it is personally signed off by an in house attorney and they will mail to you the application. Attention to detail ensures that there is no chance for you to miss out a good opportunity.

The recruiters after completing the paperwork will ensure that you are in tune with the opportunity at hand. They will even guide you with the job offer that is perfect for you. They will ensure that you make the right decision. Any they are ready to answer any and all queries posed to them. They are available seven days a week. A. Harrison Barnes says that the recruiters will help you in every possible way to ensure that you get the right job.

Hence, A. Harrison Barnes believes that this kind of service is not for everyone and not everyone can afford it. Legal Authority is committed towards making a difference in your career. Legal Authority succeeds when you become successful in your job hunt endeavors.

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