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People have different opinions about the legal arena. You can achieve new heights with a successful career in law. While seeking a job in the legal field, it is very important that you do not commit the most commonly made mistakes if you want to excel.

A. Harrison Barnes, the owner of, provides useful counsel on the mistakes that can be easily avoided by all new attorneys. To start with, do not go from law firm to law firm in search of a job; this can be very tedious as well as time consuming and also may not yield results. In case a single county contains innumerable law firms, it is very important that you search for jobs posted in the jobsites.

From his vast experience, Barnes says that about 10% of law firms conduct interviews in an informal manner and do not advertise for job seekers. About another 10% may engage legal recruiters for filling up vacancies. About 20% law firms may not be actively recruiting and wait for as long as it might require for hiring the deserving candidate.

The NALP reports say the most common method for recruitment of associates is via potential employers. It is in this condition that the job portal Legal Authority plays a very significant role, says A. Harrison Barnes. You get to peep into the hidden market with the help of this site.

When you are seeking a job, your conversation with Legal Authority will enhance your knowledge about the present job scenario. It will also help you to choose the correct field for you. The associates, who have just come out of schools, want to pursue their dream career in a particular area of law practice, but that particular field may not be currently in demand. In this case, Legal Authority can help you pursue that particular line which is in demand at that point of time, says A. Harrison Barnes. Legal Authority can also assist you to take the right decisions when the economy is in bad shape.

A. Harrison Barnes says that it is very important that you create an impressive CV for your employer’s consideration. The CV should contain detailed information about your educational qualification and past experiences. Clear and detailed information contained in your CV and also the language used, grabs your employer’s attention. Many of the associates do not give much importance to it and create their CV halfheartedly. If you are seeking professionals help for creating your CV, make sure that the cover letter and the resume clearly states what ever you have to say. Legal Authority can help in this.

Another very important condition stated by A. Harrison Barnes is that you should overcome your fears and expose yourself to dangers. You must remember that every individual has to face rejections in life. Once you come for interviews, get accustomed to the fact that you may be rejected. Look at its positive side also; you are exposing yourself to a wide range of opportunities and avenues which were not accessible before. Who knows you might be able to pursue your dream career in a reputed concern.

Further, you should know how to handle pressures. Once you are in a job and handling multiple responsibilities, it is very important that you do not dump your marketing efforts. Another thing that A. Harrison Barnes emphasizes is that you should always keep in touch with the new trained and skilled prospects. Marketing is also a very important aspect. You should be careful and see to it that you are not marketing infrequently in an unplanned manner. The long term promotional programs should not be terminated shortly after they have been launched. Trial and error method is unavoidable. It is always better to learn from one’s own and other’s mistakes.

A. Harrison has identified some factors for a successful career:

* Always have a positive outlook; be dedicated, tolerable and persistent
* Have a strong support structure
* Last but not the least- plan your career
* Hard work, honesty, methodical research, innovativeness are the keys to a successful career.

Legal Authority is not very expensive. Started by a law professor, Legal Authority is run by non-governmental organizations, to assist students who have just come out of law schools and looking for a career in the field of law. The service also helps to create resumes and cover letters at a very nominal cost. You get to work with associates directly and analyze your marketing plans. Legal Authority ensures better life for their clients.

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