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A San Antonio company, Personal Business Advisors, recently announced its commitment of twenty million dollars earmarked for those wishing to create new small businesses in the recovering economy. The company is pledging ten percent of its profits, up to the 20 million dollar mark, to create up to five thousand new small businesses around the country. Uwe Brettan, Chairman and CEO said, “Gone are the days where one could rely on the fact that recessions have a relatively short life span and are succeeded by a period of wealth building and full employment”. founder says it is efforts such as these that will become the new American foundation for success. Each new small business that is born as a result of this incredible commitment will mean New Jobs in the area as well as a new demand for the company’s services and/or goods. This, as economists know, is always conducive for those cycles that turn American economy.

So is it possible this could mean more than one hundred thousand New Jobs? Brettan believes it is absolutely possible and Barnes agrees. “This is exactly what we’ve heard for so many years that even a small effort can yield big results”. This commitment, of course, is anything but small, but the goal is remarkable and potential is nothing short of incredible. Not surprisingly, the plan was accepted unanimously by the company’s shareholders. The company is global, but primarily based in the U.S. as exists to work hand in hand with traditional employment efforts. Although different from Barnes’, the format for PBA is designed to bring alternative careers front and center. Career concierge, motorhome lifestyle enthusiasts – these are just a few of the alternative career transition services.

The company helps those wishing to buy existing businesses, they work with senior level employees who wish to purchase franchises and other ideas for those who’ve built their careers atop the proverbial ladder. 95% of all company executives are concerned about maintaining their lifestyles after retirement and are also concerned about becoming wealthy and/or maintaining their wealth. This is where PBA steps in, says A. Harrison Barnes. It actually fills a gap in an area of the employment sector that is often overlooked. “We usually think that if one has made it to the top in his career, he’s taken all the necessary precautions to protect his hard work”.

The commitment by the company is inspiring and ideally, will serve as a springboard for other American companies to create new opportunities for those who are unemployed or underemployed. “The sky’s the limit, it’s just what each of us do individually that will come together to create a future we can all be proud of”, says Barnes.

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