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One of the most significant questions that haunt job seekers around the world is, “Do the job boards and all the advertisements work at all? Are they really helpful?”

The common practice these days is that the minute someone considers a career move or looks for a change, immediately they look at the job boards available all over the Internet.. The next thing on the list to do is to review and shortlist these job opportunities that are in sync with your personal requirements and specifications.

Industry experts like Mr. A. Harrison Barnes tells us the various ways in which these advertisements can prove advantageous. He says replying to these advertisements proves highly beneficial for any individual’s job search plan in a lot of ways.

(1) Reading through all the advertisements gives us an overall idea of the viability in the job market and in the particular area and locality that we are considering. It is extremely important that we keep ourselves abreast of the latest developments in the legal industry especially in the area which we are targeting.

(2) Secondly, A. Harrison Barnes mentions that by repeated scanning through the job boards for suitable new jobs and job openings, we end up remembering the information displayed on the various pages. We get tuned to the market conditions and the requirements of the employers in our branch of Law.

(3) As we start responding to the advertisements within the particular area that we expertise in, we get a chance to “test the water”; to probe and gauge the response from the market and the employers. In this way, we will also come to know about the weight of our credentials and also on where we stand among the other prospective candidates in the market.

(4) Last but not the least, A. Harrison Barnes highlights that all those job advertisements that finally lead up to the interview phase offer us the precious time to sharpen our skills of dealing with an Interview, to practice the act of describing our accomplishments which will finally help us find out how we actually perform as a “free agent” in the legal job market.

In this context, there are a few details that A. Harrison Barnes suggests that you should remember and follow frequently. When answering classified advertisements, you should remember that these are not always the most effectual and proven method of finding new jobs in the legal arena. It is also not a worthy substitute for self marketing. In fact simply answering the advertisements is not a process or procedure enough in itself. You need to follow up this process with regular checks with the organizations, frequent networking and so on.

On the other hand, it cannot be denied that this is a potential secondary method for seeking employment which is no doubt worth the effort. In fact, A. Harrison Barnes says that Internet job boards, without a doubt provide job seekers with detailed information on the various aspects in relation to the current legal job market trends and also provide resources for enhancing the overall job search. As we continue reading and researching the job descriptions, we gain an almost clear picture of the employers view of the open positions and what are their potential considerations.

In fact A. Harrison Barnes further adds that job boards initiate a kind of a psychological benefit which is almost like the effect of a “dazzling halo”. And this starts as soon as a job seeker starts replying to couple of job advertisements on a weekly basis. As we start looking for new jobs and job openings, and start sending out the mails, including mailing a cover letter or answering an interest shown by a particular employer with your resume, it initiates a sense of momentum that is a unique thing in itself. It boots our self confidence and our motivational levels. It gives us the feeling of self control and reminds us that we are doing something that would help us move ahead in our careers.

Take charge of the situation. Some employers still perceive emails as not formal enough a medium of communication. In this case, mail across your resume to prospective employers with a suitable covering letter to add that personalized touch. So the best thing to do is not to reply to a job ad through emails unless the advertisement asks you to do so. Wait till you receive a response from the employers you have expressed interest in. Follow up by sending across your resume immediately. Do so to let the employer know you are serious of this opportunity and you would like to work with them. This shows the level of commitment which is extremely crucial for the employers to know.

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