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When in a workplace, there has to be a pattern followed – something that deals more with etiquette and ethics. Remember, you cannot be too open and cannot voice your personal feelings too loud; personal views do not matter but group views do. When carrying out performance evaluation for your employees, make extra sure that you do not miss any of the office etiquette learnt.

Though there are many ways to evaluate performance, the best of them comes with the ‘etiquette’ adjective! Here are top performance evaluation tips and how to get it done without attracting too much of unwanted criticisms.

  • High Degree of Professionalism: When you’re in a corporate or even in a basic office setup, you cannot chose to go wrong with professionalism. Sound as professional as you can without even a hint of any personal view or attacks whatsoever. So what should be the etiquette part in it like? Being polite when you present your data and keeping your data up-to-date in real time is one of the important performance evaluation etiquettes to follow in this case.
  • No Partiality: Your employees with read through those decisions taken to appraise a certain employee just because he/she might be related to you. Your employees won’t certainly like the fact of unnecessary appraisal of someone who actually does not deserve the claps. Employers and the top brass are more prone to open criticism, so take your decisions diplomatically and make sure that they are fair and benefit all. The collected data will support your decision. Etiquette tip? Let the data be the speaker for your decisions.
  • Room for Reviews: Any decision taken by a group is not the word of god. In most setups, decisions regarding performance evaluations are open for discussions. Etiquette tip? Make sure that your performance evaluation document has room for discussions and further reviews. This will undoubtedly prevent any controversies or criticisms creeping in.
  • Optimist Evaluation: It may be the case that you have an employee who does not take his work seriously and rather is a burden on the company. So even while making it clear that he should work hard or face the axe, you must be polite enough to not offend him and his peers alike. Etiquette tip? Keep mentioning that incentives are strictly performance based and would rather be deducted if the target is not reached. Keep a hint of optimism in every decision that you take.
  • Targets and Goals: An employee without a given target or goal is like a rudderless ship. They must be provided with goals to achieve and achieve them in a time frame. That makes the job challenging. Even while making the job challenging for others make sure that it does not fall as a burden on the shoulders of a single person but on the whole group.

Etiquette tip? Make sure that you personally hand over the group goals and targets and at the same time being polite and authoritative. Performance evaluation etiquette is something that has to be developed and continued with the help of company constitutions.

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