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Pharmacy Careers Are Some Of The Most Sought After Jobs Today.  They Are Projected To Remain High In Demand For Many Years To Come, Which Is A Big Advantage In Today’s Tough Economy.  Pharmacists Are Highly Needed And Respected Professionals.  Their Jobs Require Extensive Training As Well As The Ability To Adapt To Constant Changes Within The Healthcare Field.  The Most Recent Development In How Pharmacies Operate On A Daily Basis Is The Possibility That Customers Might Soon Have To Be Fingerprinted Before They Can Pick Up Their Medications.

The Proposed Law Was Presented In Arizona And Has Angered A Number Of Civil Liberties Advocates Who Believe This Practice Would Be A Violation Of Privacy Rights.  However, Fingerprinting Customers Before Dispensing Certain Medications Would Be Used As A Tool To Stop Prescription Abuse.  The Law Would Only Apply To Prescriptions For Highly Abused Medications Such As Percocet And Oxycontin.

If Approved, Anyone Picking Up Certain Medications, Even If They Are For Other Family Members, Will Have To Be Fingerprinted.  All Customers Would Be Videotaped And The Tape Would Be Held For 60 Days.

People That Choose Pharmacy Jobs Are Interested In Helping Others Take Care Of Their Health.  However, They Are Not Law Officials And Without Some Rules In Place, There Is A Possibility That Unlawful Purchases Might Be Made.  Prescription Drug Abuse Has Been A Growing Problem Throughout The Nation That Is Becoming Increasingly Widespread.  The Addiction Potential Of Some Drugs Is Very Strong, And Many States Are Struggling With Rampant Drug Dealing.  Prescription Drug Abuse Has Serious Health Consequences And Is Damaging Not Only To The Users, But To Their Entire Communities.

Law Officials Believe Fingerprinting And Videotaping People Who Buy Dangerous Prescription Drugs Will Help Deter Illegal Purchases Of Dangerous Medications.  By Curbing The Purchase Of Highly Addictive Drugs At The Source, They Hope To Prevent The Damage That They Cause On The Streets.  The Ramifications Of Illegally Buying Highly Abused Medications Such As Pain Pills Are Very Serious.  If The Perpetrator Knows That They Will Have To Be Fingerprinted In Order To Get Access To These Drugs, They Are Much Less Likely To Even Try It.  Law Enforcement Has Been Struggling With Prescription Drug Abuse, And Many People Argue That Pharmacy Rules And Regulations Must Be Changed To Stop These Drugs From Hitting The Street.

All Pharmacists Know That There Is A Potential For Abuse With Many Medications They Dispense.  However, In Most Cases, The Purchase Of These Medications Is Completely Legal.  While They May Have A High Abuse Potential, Some Drugs Are Necessary For Pain Management.   The Problem Is That Pharmacists Are Not Law Officials And As Long As They Are Presented With The Correct Documents, They Dispense The Medications As Instructed.  Pharmacy JobsRequire Vigilance, Patience, And Knowledge.  Fingerprinting Customers Who Buy Dangerous Drugs May Help Pharmacists Distinguish Between Legal And Illegal Purchases.

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