Monday December 11, 2023

Introverts in the Workplace

As a writer, the topic of introverts in the workplace has a certain appeal, mostly because it’s quite familiar.  It can be difficult for an introvert in the workplace, especially if the job requires a lot of interaction with co-workers.   There are many misconceptions about those who prefer to work alone and who might even […]

The Rising Costs of Health Insurance for Employees

A recent report out of Washington DC says workers are now paying 14% more for their health care costs on employer sponsored plans.  This rise has occurred in the past twelve months and is spelling big problems for those who rely on these plans.  Not only that, but the costs are now almost 48% more […]

High on the Hog? Not exactly

Harley Davidson’s workers, through the assistance of three Wisconsin unions, will keep their jobs, courtesy of a new labor contract passed in September 2010.  This new contract will result in what’s being called “steep concessions”.  The company played hard ball in its negotiations, says career coach and founder.  With threats of moving hundreds of […]

Do New Hires Equate to New Work Ethics?

Why do some people take their careers more seriously than others? Why do some of us place a bigger emphasis on ethics and doing the right thing in the workplace? And most importantly, are there fewer of us who are maintaining those high ethical habits, whether it’s a sense of defeat by those who really […]

What Happened on My First Day of a New Job

Every career coach work his salt has a few classic stories that he’s heard over the years from new employees. A. Harrison Barnes, who’s a well known and respected career coach as well as the founder of, says sometimes, the only advice anyone can give those new employees wondering about their second day on […]

Benefits of a Peer Group

There are those who are exceptional in their chosen careers; they have mastered their trades and achieved great success. Now what? The money’s come, the recognition’s come, but they still feel as though something’s missing. This is when the time’s right to consider joining or forming an online peer group, says A. Harrison Barnes, career […]

The Best of the Best: More Online Posts that Surely Got Someone Fired Today

We’ve all seen those hilarious photos that employees take, post online and then discover by the end of the day, they no longer have a job. Can anyone say “viral”? They’re all funny and they all have us scratching our heads and asking ourselves, “Do these people know how tight the job market is right […]

What a Good Boss is Thinking

Ever wonder what your vice president or even your manager is thinking as you pass his office each day?  Well, if he’s worth his salt, says founder A. Harrison Barnes, he’s likely multi-tasking the upcoming projects. Before you slide the mirror under his nose to be sure he’s breathing, keep these thoughts in mind: […]

The Future of BP’s American Employees

As many in the UK demand President Obama cease his promises of “kicking ass” in regards to BP and its catastrophic environmental disaster and threaten to end, as one reporter calls, “the British love-in with Barack Obama”, there are around 23,000 Americans who are employed by the British oil giant and are wondering how much […]