Monday December 11, 2023

How to Communicate Well in an Office

What is meant by ‘communicate well’? It straight away means effective communication skills that need to be acquired when you’re in an office and working. The language should be as professional as it can get as well as clear and not ambiguous. How you communicate in your office also defines your character and makes way […]

How to Learn Good People Skills

The definition of a ‘good’ person varies person to person. But when it comes to good people skills and characteristics, a unanimous nod is given to the following personality skills: Humor Politeness Cheerful Nature Gratitude Optimist Positive Attitude Friendly Nature Open to All A personality with these skills is highly regarded in social as well […]

How to Address Your Boss with Serious Employee Concerns

An important part of communicating with your boss is getting heard. And for getting heard, you need to do quite a bit with your communication and diplomacy skills. The proper way of addressing your boss, is by being polite as well as convey the ‘concern’ in your tone in the most subtle yet catchy manner! […]

Electronic Discovery Personnel

We already know the legal profession is changing at the same pace, and in some areas, a faster pace, than other career specialties. One relatively new job description within this area is that of an electronic discovery, or e-discovery, professional. This $2 billion (and growing) industry is changing the way information is gathered, stored as […]

New Department of Education Reveal

For anyone graduating college over the past few years, you know how overwhelming student debt can be. And, if you’re like most, you’re banking on the new career to help clear that debt – some faster than others. A. Harrison Barnes, career coach and founder, tells us about a new chart, courtesy of the […]

Now That’s a Pro Active Approach!

A San Antonio company, Personal Business Advisors, recently announced its commitment of twenty million dollars earmarked for those wishing to create new small businesses in the recovering economy. The company is pledging ten percent of its profits, up to the 20 million dollar mark, to create up to five thousand new small businesses around the […]

What Happened on My First Day of a New Job

Every career coach work his salt has a few classic stories that he’s heard over the years from new employees. A. Harrison Barnes, who’s a well known and respected career coach as well as the founder of, says sometimes, the only advice anyone can give those new employees wondering about their second day on […]

What a Good Boss is Thinking

Ever wonder what your vice president or even your manager is thinking as you pass his office each day?  Well, if he’s worth his salt, says founder A. Harrison Barnes, he’s likely multi-tasking the upcoming projects. Before you slide the mirror under his nose to be sure he’s breathing, keep these thoughts in mind: […]

Way Cool Jobs That Really Do Exist

Ever wonder if there’s such a job as a snow cone taster?  Maybe it’s nail polish tester you just know you were born to be or a mattress tester?  Believe it or not, there are a lot of jobs that hit high on the cool factor – and they actually pay well!  A. Harrison Barnes, […]

How to spot the difference between a great job and a poor one

There are a lot of job seekers out there right now, and seemingly very few employees. Sometimes it’s hard to tell when you have a legitimate job offer on your hands, or whether you are about to become the victim of a terrible scam. Fortunately there are a few things that you can do to […]