Monday December 11, 2023

How to Communicate Well in an Office

What is meant by ‘communicate well’? It straight away means effective communication skills that need to be acquired when you’re in an office and working. The language should be as professional as it can get as well as clear and not ambiguous. How you communicate in your office also defines your character and makes way […]

How to Learn Good People Skills

The definition of a ‘good’ person varies person to person. But when it comes to good people skills and characteristics, a unanimous nod is given to the following personality skills: Humor Politeness Cheerful Nature Gratitude Optimist Positive Attitude Friendly Nature Open to All A personality with these skills is highly regarded in social as well […]

How to Address Your Boss with Serious Employee Concerns

An important part of communicating with your boss is getting heard. And for getting heard, you need to do quite a bit with your communication and diplomacy skills. The proper way of addressing your boss, is by being polite as well as convey the ‘concern’ in your tone in the most subtle yet catchy manner! […]