Saturday September 23, 2023

The Best of the Best: More Online Posts that Surely Got Someone Fired Today

We’ve all seen those hilarious photos that employees take, post online and then discover by the end of the day, they no longer have a job. Can anyone say “viral”? They’re all funny and they all have us scratching our heads and asking ourselves, “Do these people know how tight the job market is right […]

Way Cool Jobs That Really Do Exist

Ever wonder if there’s such a job as a snow cone taster?  Maybe it’s nail polish tester you just know you were born to be or a mattress tester?  Believe it or not, there are a lot of jobs that hit high on the cool factor – and they actually pay well!  A. Harrison Barnes, […]

The Future of BP’s American Employees

As many in the UK demand President Obama cease his promises of “kicking ass” in regards to BP and its catastrophic environmental disaster and threaten to end, as one reporter calls, “the British love-in with Barack Obama”, there are around 23,000 Americans who are employed by the British oil giant and are wondering how much […]