Monday December 11, 2023

How to spot Accounts Payable Jobs in Your Locality

Accounting jobs are the most liked jobs in the finance industry and generally people who are into accounting jobs enjoy their careers more than others. This is because of the freedom from the stress that most other professionals in the service industry have to undergo. Such stress is from customer service jobs, emotional labor, sales […]

Introverts in the Workplace

As a writer, the topic of introverts in the workplace has a certain appeal, mostly because it’s quite familiar.  It can be difficult for an introvert in the workplace, especially if the job requires a lot of interaction with co-workers.   There are many misconceptions about those who prefer to work alone and who might even […]

Do New Hires Equate to New Work Ethics?

Why do some people take their careers more seriously than others? Why do some of us place a bigger emphasis on ethics and doing the right thing in the workplace? And most importantly, are there fewer of us who are maintaining those high ethical habits, whether it’s a sense of defeat by those who really […]

What a Good Boss is Thinking

Ever wonder what your vice president or even your manager is thinking as you pass his office each day?  Well, if he’s worth his salt, says founder A. Harrison Barnes, he’s likely multi-tasking the upcoming projects. Before you slide the mirror under his nose to be sure he’s breathing, keep these thoughts in mind: […]

Way Cool Jobs That Really Do Exist

Ever wonder if there’s such a job as a snow cone taster?  Maybe it’s nail polish tester you just know you were born to be or a mattress tester?  Believe it or not, there are a lot of jobs that hit high on the cool factor – and they actually pay well!  A. Harrison Barnes, […]

Tips for dealing with unemployment

Avoiding Distractions on the Job Search Those that are currently searching actively for a new job realize that the process of handling a job can be very involved. All jobs are competitive and that means scores of people will be trying to land the same job that you might be seeking. That means you need […]

How to cope with job search failures

Dealing with Rejection on the Job Search It would be an understatement to say that rejection goes hand in hand with a job search. If it was easy to get hired for a job then there really would not be much searching occurring, would there? In all seriousness, it is necessary to understand that a […]

Tips for students searching for their first job

Tips for Job Search While Studying Many people who are studying are always worrying about their ability to find a job on completing their education. This is especially true at a time when the world is still reeling under a crushing financial crisis. At its worst, millions of people have lost their jobs and joined […]

Elements of a successful job search

The Significance of Looking at a Long Term goal in a Job Search Short term goals have their obvious benefits but they also come with the unfortunate problem of being very narrow in terms of the goals they deliver. In other words, a career always needs to be very well planned over a span of […]

How to get a job

Job Search for the First-Time Job Seeker For a first-time job seeker the job market can be a great deal tougher to enter into. The economy doesn’t allow for employers to make costly mistakes when it comes to hiring employees and they want to abide by seeking out the best candidates for the job. In […]