Sunday June 4, 2023

Law Careers – 7 Steps to Boost Your Law Career

Lawyers always do not need to be good at fighting if they want to boost their career. There are lots of other things required to take your career to the top. When you enter into the job market these days you will naturally find a great competition among the job seekers. People these days choose […]

Why are so Many Lawyers Unhappy?

The American Bar Association recently put out a new survey that revealed up to one half of this country’s lawyers are miserable in their career choices. The reasons were varied, but the survey suggested it’s a combination of the long work hours, the pressure from partners to raise the bar in terms of the number […]

Do Attorneys get Paid for On-call Timings?

Attorneys are paid according to the labor or time that they devote to their legal jobs. Besides this, associates are required to spend time beyond their working hours to be on call. This is known as on-call time. There are federal laws that ensure that employees are paid for on-call time and at the same […]