Saturday September 23, 2023

Legal Facts and Figures

The findings of the Bureau of Justice are always interesting. They point to various trends and can even enlighten us to where law enforcement and the legal field as a whole is headed. The data is closely monitored and compiled by the government agency and then reported to the public upon its conclusion. One can […]

Confidentiality Issues

The huge scandal that erupted in late July, 2010 and involves leaked classified data to a site named WikiLeaks is causing dangerous problems for the country as a whole and more importantly, the troops overseas who continue to fight in a war that most believe no longer serves a purpose. It promises to result in […]

Business and Tax Attorneys

Those lawyers who dedicate their careers to helping small business owners find many rewarding aspects that make this legal specialty worth their time. Small business owners tend to approach this aspect of their companies with uncertainty, frustration and avoidance.  The primary reason is because it’s foreign territory. Having an attorney on retainer to handle those […]