Saturday September 23, 2023

Electronic Discovery Personnel

We already know the legal profession is changing at the same pace, and in some areas, a faster pace, than other career specialties. One relatively new job description within this area is that of an electronic discovery, or e-discovery, professional. This $2 billion (and growing) industry is changing the way information is gathered, stored as […]

Why are so Many Lawyers Unhappy?

The American Bar Association recently put out a new survey that revealed up to one half of this country’s lawyers are miserable in their career choices. The reasons were varied, but the survey suggested it’s a combination of the long work hours, the pressure from partners to raise the bar in terms of the number […]

Business and Tax Attorneys

Those lawyers who dedicate their careers to helping small business owners find many rewarding aspects that make this legal specialty worth their time. Small business owners tend to approach this aspect of their companies with uncertainty, frustration and avoidance.  The primary reason is because it’s foreign territory. Having an attorney on retainer to handle those […]