Saturday September 23, 2023

Confidentiality Issues

The huge scandal that erupted in late July, 2010 and involves leaked classified data to a site named WikiLeaks is causing dangerous problems for the country as a whole and more importantly, the troops overseas who continue to fight in a war that most believe no longer serves a purpose. It promises to result in […]

What are the Benefits of a Legal Job Search Portal?

Thousands of law students look for attorney jobs online. It is a traditional tried and tested way of searching for jobs. A. Harrison Barnes says that it is the most commonly used method. People prefer using online job boards and portals because they get an opportunity to have access to almost all the jobs that […]

The Importance of Creative Visualization

 In order to perform well and have a successful legal career you need to be satisfied with your job. You have to be satisfied with what you are doing. Success doesn’t come to you only on wishing for it, you have to work hard for it. And you will be able to work hard […]

Legal Career Development Advice

The legal profession being one of the most oldest and traditional professions in the history of mankind has been glamorized a lot by media in T.V. shows, movies, and even the print media. Since it is a profession with such an exposure, a lot of young people aspire to become lawyers soon after completing high […]

The Right Job Search Procedure and Your Success

The success of being in a particular job and enjoying it depends on the process you use to look for it. The same is true for the legal jobs where opportunity plays an important role. In fact, we are said to live in a civilized society when we adhere to procedures. If society does not […]