Monday December 11, 2023

New Department of Education Reveal

For anyone graduating college over the past few years, you know how overwhelming student debt can be. And, if you’re like most, you’re banking on the new career to help clear that debt – some faster than others. A. Harrison Barnes, career coach and founder, tells us about a new chart, courtesy of the […]

Now That’s a Pro Active Approach!

A San Antonio company, Personal Business Advisors, recently announced its commitment of twenty million dollars earmarked for those wishing to create new small businesses in the recovering economy. The company is pledging ten percent of its profits, up to the 20 million dollar mark, to create up to five thousand new small businesses around the […]

What Happened on My First Day of a New Job

Every career coach work his salt has a few classic stories that he’s heard over the years from new employees. A. Harrison Barnes, who’s a well known and respected career coach as well as the founder of, says sometimes, the only advice anyone can give those new employees wondering about their second day on […]

How to plan your career path

When you have worked for some time, you pick up skills that are not directly linked to the work you do, but act as facilitators for functioning effectively. These are transferable skills that can help you do well in your next job or career as well. Many of us start seeking a change of career […]

Fired? Don’t Lose Heart

Positive thinking is important. But it gains higher importance when it involves a job search in the face of losing your current employment. What kind of work you are looking at and what you intend doing with your career from this point onwards is what really matters. Why Was I Fired? It is natural to […]