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The position of women in the society has gradually changed in the last couple of decades. The condition has taken a positive turn and brought women on the same platform as of men. Today’s women have been successful in achieving their dream of standing where the men stand. They do not think themselves any less from others and it has been proved with the recent developments where women have hugely contributed.

Presence of women is not limited to only few professions such as teaching or nursing. There are many other professions which are regarded as the best for a woman; they have been very successful in those areas of job. In fact, according to A. Harrison Barnes, ladies have surpassed men in almost every aspect of life. You just name it to find the result yourself.

The count of women in colleges is more than that of men. This means that their demand on the work front is also more than men. The careers which were considered as male dominated are now turning to be great jobs for women. A. Harrison Barnes can tell you all this because he himself is the owner of the most famous recruiting firm in the job market, He has been into this field past many years and thus has experienced the change himself. He has in fact separated few professions where women are much in demand. They have made and are expected to make great livings by working in those jobs. Below are mentioned some best paying jobs for women. as recommended by A. Harrison Barnes:

General Business

Business was one industry which was considered best for men once upon a time. But today, women have proved their worth in this area by adding to the growth of the economy of the country. There are several women in A. Harrison Barnes’s knowledge who have started their own businesses and have done wonders in it. These women are surely an inspiration for other ladies of the nation. The efforts put in by them are no less then a man’s hard work. In fact, many ladies have been awarded for their successes in carrying out their business with complete efficiency and dedication.

According to statistics, women run almost 1/3 of today’s business in the United States of America. This statistics shows the interest of women in general business. This shows the passion a woman has to be in charge of things all around her. This a great field for women to earn huge money and lead a comfortable life. More and more women should look up to other successful ladies and be known as “business women”.

Field of Computers

Computers belongs to the best man made machine. It has developed with time and today very modern technologies are available. Computers have even opened a new door of profession for today’s women. The field of computer studies is gradually rising and there is no chance of it having a downfall. The salary earned in this field is unbelievable. As per a survey, 7.4 million people of this industry earn the highest salaries in the country. The computer industry has opened the scope not only for men but for women too. The popular jobs they can opt from are:

• Graphic Designers • Software Designers • Webmaster • Programmers • Systems Analysts • Graphic Artists • Engineers


Even though becoming a pharmacist takes six long years, it can provide you with a high pay, says A. Harrison Barnes. The industry or the field of pharmaceuticals is growing tremendously. It is considered as the best paying profession for women. On a country level, a woman can start earning from a basic of $100,000. So, you can understand how good the salary can be in a city.

Though being a pharmacist is not easy as a person needs to deal with angry patients and interact with the insurers, it can provide a great boom to one’s career. This industry will never see a set back because medication is necessary for every individual. The need for medication is growing day by day and thus the want for pharmacists is also increasing. Women can consider this profession as a suitable career for it provides them with job security. A. Harrison Barnes have listed the above jobs only to help women who are looking for high paid jobs as well as job security. Women are free to choose their career option as men. They have the full right to achieve a job for themselves. Once in these professions, they do not require to look back.

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