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As many of America’s teens gear up for fun in the sun this summer, many more are hitting the pavement in search of summer work that will allow them to earn their own spending money.  A. Harrison Barnes, founder, says with so many still attempting to recover from the recession, many parents have laid the law down: no job, no money.  In fact, some parents are even insisting their teens find part time jobs to keep them from settling in on the sofa in front of the Wii unit.  It’s a rite of passage and most of us can recall our own part time jobs during our teen years.  Some of us may have bagged groceries while others may have learned everything they ever wanted to know about deep fryers in their local fast food restaurant.  But what in a more modern day?  Are teens still scrambling for these types of jobs or have far better job descriptions entered into the mix?  The founder offers his two-cents on some of the best and more interesting summer jobs for teens:

  • No summer job list would be complete without including the always in demand lifeguard positions.  Fair warning, teens: you will definitely need to be certified in CPR and other safety courses.  Allowing the iPhone to distract could prove very dangerous, so be sure you’re willing to commit to the attention such a position requires.  A. Harrison Barnes recommends contacting your local YMCA or community center for information on how to get the proper certs.  Don’t forget the sunscreen!
  • Camp Counselor – Always a favorite, camp counselors work along side the directors and become a part of the fun and excitement of younger kids.  Whether it’s rowing a boat to the middle of the lake, to teaching your charges how to properly wear a life jacket to hanging out around the campfire, the excitement of these kids is contagious.  This is a great job if you have the patience and ability to keep your priorities straight.  It’s a great way to make a difference in a kid’s life, too. Plus, because you’re in the sun, no need to keep your account at the local tanning booth.
  • A used book store can introduce you to a whole new world.  Before you conjure up images of bookish nerds, there really are a lot of journeys you can take, courtesy of a thick hard cover novel, says A. Harrison Barnes.  Not only that, but knowing who wrote Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil just might come in handy some day.  Assume nothing – give this job option a fair shake.
  • Finally, if you have a creative flair, consider taking a summer job as a landscaper.  Sure, the weather’s  warm this time of year, but for those with creative abilities, there’s nothing better than being allowed to run with that creativity when it strikes.

There are a lot of great summer opportunities out there and they’re yours for the taking.  Take pride in all that you do – it’s a great lesson for adulthood.

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