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Health is wealth and maintaining good hands is in our hands. An efficient health job will help you do that. Be prepared with a prescription of drugs, and any other supplements like minerals, vitamins, or herbs that you are used to and can come in handy in emergencies. Keep this handy and also take regular medication reviews. Get an annual check up done from a family doctor or primary doctor and make them review the list of medications to avoid dangerous combinations or improper dosages. Health insurance job may not be able to help you if you are responsible for taking improper drugs. So dump all medications your family takes including vitamins, herbal supplements etc and get the doctor check the actual vials and labels.

Take advantage of pharmacy consults
It is easier to talk to a pharmacist than doctors. So whenever you happen to go to a pharmacy, ask for consultation from the pharmacist. He/she will explain the dosage and method of intake for each drug. Like whether to take a drug alone or with meals or just water. They will also explain the side effects if any. Pharmacists are very knowledgeable about medications so they will be able to clear all their doubts and help you get a good health job done. Another important thing to be cautious about is being proactive both prior to and after surgery in the hospital. Ask all the questions you have like what do you have to stop taking, how long will the surgery go on, how long you might be unconscious. Ask doctors that come around for administering drugs to explain about the drugs and their effects on your body. You will have to do a good fitness job later on to gain your original stamina and energy levels.

Go home prepared to follow up
When you undergo a surgery it is likely that it will have some everlasting effects on your body. To maintain the good health job that you will already be doing with all the awareness it is essential that you have a list of all the medications that you had during your stay, and also the ones you need to take after going home. In case of doubt ask your family physician to help you understand the dosages.

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