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Whether looking for Seattle jobs or any other it has become important for us to focus on Seattle job search amongst predictions of our weakening economy. It is that time of the century when you have to work harder to get yourself a job. Everyone seems to be participating in the race for getting hired resulting in a tough job market. Here are 11 job search tips to help you out find your dream job in Seattle:

1. Limit yourself to jobs which aptly match your resume. Do not waste time applying to jobs not meant for you, for which either you are over qualified or under-qualified. Instead devote more time preparing applications for jobs you would be more suitable a candidate.

2. Know your goals before you start your Seattle job search. Start asking yourself questions like what type of job you will be interested in and what special skills you have to qualify for a job.

3. If you are not able to find a Seattle job even after looking at several jobs for which you qualify then consider revising your Seattle job search. See, if there is something you can do to enhance your skills, take this as an opportunity to enroll into some new course and work on your skills.

4. Have goals and be accountable to achieve them. Have short term job search specific goals and know what you will have to do to achieve them. Try to stick to your goals as much as possible.

5. Do not hesitate to try and adapt something new that is sure to boost your career. If you have been avoiding recruiters for some reason then think of working with them once again, may be your trial can win you a job.

6. When you come across a job that suits you in all respects then know that there will be more people applying to it. Prepare your skills and interview techniques so as to outperform others it is only when you are different from the crowd that you will get noticed.

7. Its’ internet everywhere, ensure that your online reputation is good, if not then work on creating and improving your online profile. Your profile should be there on the first page when future employers will be searching using your name.

Seattle job search will always have its good and bad moments, sometimes you will feel that the ball is in your court but then it suddenly does not seem to be coming your way. Keep your calm and do all that is possible to prepare yourself.

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