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Ever wonder if there’s such a job as a snow cone taster?  Maybe it’s nail polish tester you just know you were born to be or a mattress tester?  Believe it or not, there are a lot of jobs that hit high on the cool factor – and they actually pay well!  A. Harrison Barnes, career coach and founder, says it’s good work if you can find it.  Here are a few jobs that absolutely exist –

We’re all still fascinated with the way Google allows us to zoom all the way down to the street views of our hometown.  Some of us have even recognized a vehicle on the roadway that happened to become a part of the Google street maps as our next door neighbor’s.  Where do you think those photos come from?  Google hires people to ride bicycles and photograph towns, their streets and driveways all over the world.  The big requirement is that you take a lot of pictures from many different angles.  There’s a lot of documenting involved, so naturally, those who have strong organizational skills and can pay close attention to the details are going to fare better than others.

Got a sweet tooth?  Then a candy tester is right up your alley, says the founder.  This job has its risks, though.  You’d need a good dental plan and there’s the potential of gaining weight – a lot of weight for some.  One misconception some have is that you’re eating candy from every batch of every kind of candy a company makes; in actuality, you’re required to do random sample tasting before it hits the store shelves.  While it sounds like the perfect job, you really do run a risk of health problems besides those associated with gaining weight.

What if you could earn more than $110,000 by working only six months out of the year?  What if the perks include life in a beautiful tropical villa – at no cost, access to swimming, spas and fine dining?  Sounds great, right?  There is a career choice that’s called an “island caretaker”.  And it’s just as the title suggests: you care for an island during the off seasons.  You’re required to keep notes and sometimes post blog entries and photographs if you’re chosen for the Hamilton Island position in the Great Barrier Reef.  Fair warning, though: you’re going to be competing with close to 40,000 people – when and if, of course, the job becomes available again.

These are just a few of the epitome of a “dream job” positions to be had.  A. Harrison Barnes agrees the competition for these, and other dream jobs, are sure to be fierce.   Still, for those who land these, or any other career opportunities that feel more like a vacation than work, you can be sure they’re likely to stay for a very long time.

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